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Electronic adhesives industry''s first major exhibition to be held in early 2006

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After a long period of careful organization, in China's first large-scale electronic adhesives industry gathering - "2006 South China International Electronic Chemicals Exhibition" will be held in China Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center 16-18 March 2006, will attract Adhesive manufacturers and many well-known electronics industry product applications, organized this event will provide the best adhesive procurement and technology solutions Chinese electrical and electronic industries.
    "2006 South China International Electronic Chemicals Exhibition" is the electronics industry adhesives, solder materials, electronic cleaning technology, electronic chemical products and raw materials, adhesives as important chemical products in the electronics industry and plays an essential role. The event has attracted Dow Corning, north back Nadu, Sony, eastern South Korea, nearly more than 40 exhibitors electronic adhesives brand, product line rich variety of exhibits, will give China's electronics industry a professional electronic adhesives procurement platform.
    "2006 South China International Electronic Chemicals Exhibition" for the first time in China's electronics industry base ---- Dongguan held the event will be held over the same period as one of "The 5th South China International Electronic Exhibition" exhibition series. "Electronic Chemicals Exhibition" will be divided into thematic zones show. According to "Electronic Chemicals Exhibition" Exhibits, the organizing committee will organize targeted circuit board manufacturers, electronics assembly companies, electrical and electronic manufacturing companies and consumer electronics manufacturers responsible for the procurement people visited the event. "2006 South China International Electronic Products Exhibition" will be held for the first time to attract participation of nearly 100 domestic electronic chemical products production and trade enterprises, including electronic adhesives manufacturers nearly 40, showing the importance of the adhesives industry activities. We believe that through this foothold in the electronics industry base in the hold, will be able to "2006 South China International Electronic Chemicals Exhibition" accomplishing most successful electronics products trade event. Electronic chemical products manufacturing enterprises, in particular electronic adhesives business the best platform to promote their products. 2006 Huanan Guo electronic chemical products exhibition to look forward to your participation!

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